Disaster AREA Kit

This submission is in response to the HA/DR Challenge.

The primary design target of the Disaster AREA Kit is to meet the size constraints of one JMIC while 100% utilizing COTS technology and products.  The following additional constraints have also been addressed (in order of importance): meet 24/7 energy requirement, 100% renewable power generation, simple situational awareness and communications solution, meet water purification requirements, meet cost target, meet weight target.  The Disaster AREA Kit fits completely inside a singular JMIC with all components protected by Pelican or similar hard cases.  This kit utilizes solar energy as the primary energy source.  Power is completely supplied from Thin-Film Laminated Photovoltaic sheets and energy is stored in Ni-MH batteries.  Power is distributed through an inverter to the kit components, which include a water purification unit, a WiMAX router, WiMAX capable Smartphones and a WiMAX capable laptop computer.

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