By means of using a recently invented product line that is commercially available now, adapting and modestly modifying it, and then adding just a few additional items to our entire HADR shipping container specified in this Challenge, our firm delivers on the desired specifications -- AND MUCH, MUCH MORE.  Our submitted product outline not only is robust and fullfills comprehensive human needs; but ensures the operational effectiveness of those persons utilizing it.  Moreover, because it fully relies on  products already commercially available in the marketplace -- it does so at an extemely low price per unit (i.e. less than 20% of the maximum dollar specification in the challenge)!

The challenge specifications only cover power, water, and communications.  But to be fully realistic and useful in such remote or disaster areas, numerous other human needs must also be met.  Specifically, NINE others are required to form a "dirty dozen" of general areas such Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief product must satisfy to be a capable and realistic product.

Our submission creatively addresses the original three specified - along with eight out of the nine other areas (food supplies being the exception -- we supply general lists of food items to posses, however; but, do not actually provide food items).

The HADR Shipping Container developed by Civil Defense Survival Box. Com will ensure that those personnel placed in very remote or disaster situations will be physically and psychologically safe, healthy, and operationally effective.

Nothing less should do.  And this is in keeping with our firm's very serious moto of:

                       "We Strive . . . To Keep YOU Alive!"(TM)

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